Free 7 Day Pass

Come in and test drive our training system for a whole week to make sure we are a good fit for you!

What you will receive during your 7 day pass!

  • Expert coaching from our certified personal trainers. The trainers will be working with you, demonstrating how to do the exercises then working with you to adjust your form and make sure you are doing everything correctly.
  • Limited Group Sizes – you will receive access to our app to book in your workouts, this is how we limit the group sizes to provide the best quality service to our clients
  • Once you arrive for your first workout your trainer will greet you at the door and walk you through the entire process, we know it can be intimidating coming into a new place and our friendly staff and clients will welcome you and make you feel comfortable and show you how to do everything.
  • Nutrition coaching, we want to set you up for success right away and start to teach you how to eat better so you can get the best results possible!
  • After your 7 days we will ask you if we are a good fit for you and if you want to get started on a membership its that simple
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